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If the proton is the size of a golf ball purchase super p-force oral jelly with a mastercard impotence definition inability, the electron is smaller than the size of the point of a pin and it is over a mile away buy super p-force oral jelly 160mg cheap erectile dysfunction after prostatectomy. Between the electron and proton thus is electro-magnetc- statc felds buy cheap super p-force oral jelly 160 mg on line how to avoid erectile dysfunction causes, held by Quantc forces. Our brains are trapped There is other forces such as the large atom force that when the extreme energy in a sun forces inside our skull and thus we cannot directly perceive anything. We are thus stuck with an indirect protons to overcome their need to repel and forces them together. So This is a weak force, as Newton once said ―it takes a group of mater the size of the earth to make as humans developed we have made many assumptons of how the universe works, what is the a liter of water weigh a kilo‖. And with a sense There is another weak force that is undeniable, the power of the mind. We know from Quantum of history and knowing that we must project, and twist ideas, we should always be humble and theory that twin photons can be separated to any distance and when we tell one photon something recognize that we can never know. We are stuck making good guesses, beter and beter guesses, the other twin knows it instantly. At the birth of the universe there was a big bang where all of but always guesses. Photons are electro-magnetc one point in our past history all things were conjoined and as such there is an ability of a quantc radiaton, partcles in wave formatons that can transfer energy. There is not a law of Atracton as some have said but there is an efect of and just how all electron, proton, neutron movement is connected to the photon. There is a power of the mind (a known Quantc engine) to infuence another Quantc Voltammetry is the science of understanding how a substance’s electro-magnetc feld reacts system. Science has for a long tme laughed at this and has purposefully avoided the proof of this with it’s environment. And since dimensional space will determine how it exchanges electron-magnetc acton and this is measured humiliaton might interfere with funding most scientst stll ignore the evidence. Basic 7th grade So with some simple science taught in our schools let us analyze the development of biology. Every compound having it’s own individual and distnct voltammetric signature feld. The laws of thermodynamics teach us that energy can not be created or destroyed, and that heat must fow from a hot body to a cold body. There are over one hundred trillion cells in the human body and all are sending signals to the Biological systems outwardly seem to disobey these laws by maintaining a temperature diference brain via enervaton and photon exchange. The word area of the brain has developed as a small part says, afer death they lose their batle with room temperature. Life is an A living thing must be able to metabolize and reproduce in some fashion to be considered alive. Words are for Metabolism is taking in nutrients, taking the energy from them, and excretng the remainder helping us functon in social ways. Reproducton is assembling new tssue for repair and also to We have a retcular formaton in the base of our brains that act as a flter to screen out unneeded propagate the species. The word area has the ability to assay about one million 1,000,000 bits The basic energy of the electromagnetc radiaton that is Visible light or Infrared heat. Below one thousand sensory bits take in low energy ionic bound minerals and use the energy of visible light to make high energy and the system goes into sensory deprivaton mode. This means that ten to the sixteenth bits of data minus the ten to the 6 bits of data for the word area and the word are of the brain gets one percent of one percent of one percent of one percent Animals take in the high energy compounds with electrons in high energy states. The single cell systems such as bacteria set up a boundary layer such as a cell membrane to separate the thermodynamic world from the quantc interior. Entropy and thermodynamics dictate process in the non-living exterior versus the Quantc organized non random entropy interior. Metabolism and reproducton guided by a organized accountng of energy intake and outgo. Single celled organisms develop or evolve if you will allow us to say into mult celled organisms. Life develops with tremendous diversifcaton over 100,000,000 organisms have evolved with various and diverse functons. But all are Quantc electromagnetc exchange devices taking in energy, excretng waste products, and trying to reproduce. Everything having it’s own set of feld intricacies, and a single reactve ever changing overall feld signature. The Quantc Electro- magnetc-statc feld of an organism is reactng towards nutriton and away from toxins. Informaton for reproducton or Mitogenic radiaton is in the visible, metabolism radiaton is in the Infrared. Biology does not just send heat out as a waste product it is a communicaton network for cellular info exchange. The mult-celled organisms diversify and all have an innate non-verbal Quantc electro-magnetc drive for survival. This allows for explicit communicaton and exchange of thoughts, feelings, desire, fears, etc. This is how every substance reacts to another, The spiritual cultures of the world know this and all exercises in spiritual development revolve the outer electrons never touch but the feld interacton as determined by voltammetry is a around diminishing the words in the brain and coming aware more of the unconscious process. Mantras, meditaton, stllness, yoga, kundalini, and many others all say we must control and diminish to efects of the verbal word mind to get in touch with our body energetc. Every atom or molecule can be balanced, positve charge, negatve charge, or combinaton of both. Much of the mistake of modern science and modern societes is to over value the words and the verbal process. Our society is presently over valuing the paper pushers and letng their need The charged partcles that travel make a current fow. We need paper pushers and we need to have quality amperage, the pressure or potental of the fow is the voltage, the resistance to the fow is the systems but there should be a requirement to try to minimize the over wordy and clarify the resistance. All organisms use this electrical fow of charged partcles for each and every biological process of our society for everyone to understand not just the small minded paper pushers. The electron is the smallest charged partcle to move, and most of electricity is of the traveling The very process of life in an innate unconscious non-verbal Quantc electromagnet feld electron. They wait for the patent to verbally notce something is wrong, go to the doctor ofce and as photosynthesis. The announce what is wrong, answer the doctors’ verbal questons, and receive verbal instructon. Water has free protons and one percent of one percent of one percent of one percent of one percent of one percent of one free electrons and thus it is essental for life. Water does not conduct electricity, unless there are percent of one percent of the data.

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  • Congenital generalized fibromatosis
  • Acute erythroblastic leukemia
  • Batten disease
  • Congenital erythropoietic porphyria
  • Arrhinia
  • Brachycephaly deafness cataract mental retardation

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In other subjects provocative food challenge may not be necessary if elimination of one suspected food to which a patient is prick test positive results in relief of symptoms order super p-force oral jelly 160 mg fast delivery erectile dysfunction drugs bangladesh. The prick skin test only predicts symptoms that will occur within 2 hours of eating a food and should be performed when symptoms suggestive of being IgE mediated occur shortly after eating buy super p-force oral jelly 160mg low price erectile dysfunction doctor in dubai. When symptoms are relatively infrequent and food is thought to be the cause order cheap super p-force oral jelly on line erectile dysfunction question, a food diary may be useful in selecting foods to avoid. Intradermal skin tests to foods cause such a high frequency of positive reactions that they should not be performed in evaluating patients. At present there is no evidence to support the use of cytotoxicity testing or subblingual or subcutaneous provocative testing in the diagnosis of food or inhalant allergic symptoms. In subjects suspected of having reactions to foods hours after eating, the relationship of symptoms to foods is determined by an elimination diet and, if symptoms improve, by reexposure to the food to determine if it is capable of inducing symptoms. All challenges are best performed by introducing the food in a fashion not recognized by the subject or known by the individual administering the challenge (double blind); but if this is not possible, an open challenge can be performed. The basic diet is determined by elimanating foods suspected by the patient of causing symptoms or placing the patient on a diet composed of relatively nonallergic foods. Commonly incriminated food allergens include milk, eggs, shellfish, nuts, wheat, peanuts, soybeans, and chocolate, and all products containing one or more of these ingredients. Page 75 / 125 Most of the common allergens and all susupected foods must be eliminated from the starting diet. Eating in restaurants is not adviseable, since the patient (and physician) must know the exact composition of all meals. Furthermore, one must always be certain of the purity of products used for example, ordinary "rye" bread contains some wheat flour. If symptoms are relieved, one new food is added to the diet and eaten in more than the usual amount for more than 24 hours or until symptoms recur. Aggravation or recrudescence of symptoms following the addition of a new food is the best evidence of allergy to that item. Such evidence should be verified by noting the effect of removing that food from the diet for several days, then restoring it. Reactions that result when antibody reacts with antigenic components of a cell or tissue elements or with antigen or hapten that has become intimately coupled to a cell or tissue. The antigen antibody reaction may cause opsonic adherence through coating of the cell with antibody; the reaction is then called immune adherence, which occurs by activation of complement components through C3 (with consequent phagocytosis of the cell); or by activation of the full complement system with consequent cytolysis or tissue damage. Antirecoptor hypersensitivity reactions alter cellular function as a result of antibody to membrane receptors. In myasthenia gravis, the productions of antibodies by immunization to the acetylcholine receptor in a number of animals has resulted in the typical muscle fatigue and weakness noted in humans. In humans, this antibody also is demonstrated in the serum and on muscle membranes. In addition, when serum or the IgG fraction from patients with myasthenia gravis is transfered into nonhuman primates, a self limiting myasthenic syndrome is produced. This antibody prevents the binding of endogenously produced acetylcholine to its receptor, thereby preventing muscle activation. In some diabetics with extreme insulin resistance, antibodies to insulin receptors have been demonstrated, thus preventing insulin binding to its receptor. Technics are available to determine B and T cell subsets of circulating lymphocytes. The K cells bind to cells coated with IgG by their Fc receptors and are capable of destroying the target cell. The mechanisms have been demonstrated in animal models and in vitro studies of hypersensitivity, but their role in human disease has not been established. These tests use rabbit antisera, one to immunoglobulin and the other to complement. Fluorescent microscopy is most commonly used to detect the presence of immunoglobulin or complement in tissue (by the direct technic) and also can be used to determine the specificity of a circulating antibody (by the indirect technic). In the direct immunofluorescent technic, animal antibody specific for human immunoglobulin or complement is labeled with a fluorescent dye (usually fluorescein) and then layered on tissue. When the tissue is examined under the fluorescent microscope, a typical fluorescent color (green for fluorescein) indicates the prescence of human immunoglobulin or complement in the tissue. Direct immunofluorescence also can be used to detect the presence of other serum proteins, tissue components, or exogenous antigen as long as specific animal antibodies to them can be produced. In pemphigus the direct immunofluorescent technic reveals antibody to an antigen present in the intercellular cement of the prickle cell layer; in pemphigoid, to an antigen in the basement membrane. In both diseases serum antibody is detectable by the indirect immunofluorescent technic. Antireceptor tests for detection of antibody to the acetylcholine receptors are commercially available, but tests for the insulin and thyroid receptors are not. The clinical significance of the test for detection of antibody to the B2 adrenergic receptor has not been determined. There are no clinical situations in which the antibody dependent cytotoxicity test is necessary. Page 78 / 125 Reactions that result from deposition of soluble circulating antigen antibody (immune) complexes in vessels or tissue. The Ics activate complement and thus initiate a sequence of events that results in polymorphonuclear cell migration and release of lysosomal proteolytic enzymes and permeability factors in tissues, thereby producing an acute inflammatory reaction. With a slight excess of antigen, the complex tends to be more soluble and may cause systemic reactions by being deposited in various tissues. In the Arthus reaction (classically a local skin reaction), animals are first hyperimmunonized to induce large amounts of circulating IgG antibodies and are then given a small amount of antigen intradermally. The antigen precipitates with the excess IgG and activates complement, so that a highly inflammatory, edematous, painful local lesion rapidly appears (by 4 to 6 hours), which may progress to a sterile abscess containing many polymorphonuclear cells, and then to necrosis of tissue. A necrotizing vasculitis with occluded arteriolar lumina can be seen microscopically. Delayed hypersensitivity differs from other hypersensitivity reactions in that it is mediated by sensitized lymphocytes and not be antibody. Thus, transfer of delayed hypersensitivity from sensitized to normal persons can be demonstrated with peripheral blood luekocytes or with an extract of these cells (transfer factor), but not with serum. The sensitized T lymphocyte that has been triggered or activated by contact with specific antigen may cause immunologic injury by a direct toxic effect or through the release of soluble substances (lymphokines). In tissue culture, activated T lymphocytes have been demonstrated to destroy "target" cells to which they have been sensitized, when they are brought into direct contact with the target cells. The lymphokines released from activated lymphocytes include several factors affecting the activity of macrophages, skin reactive factor, and a lymphotoxin. The evidence for the last 2 is based on experimental models and, in human disease, on the appearance of lymphocytes in the inflammatory exudate of the thyroid and the brain.

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Enkephalin suppresses the transmission of pain signals by binding with particular receptor molecules (opiate receptors) present in the synapses of cells in the dorsal horn order genuine super p-force oral jelly line erectile dysfunction causes prostate. The binding either decreases the amount of the neurotransmitter substance-P released from the type C pain afferents or induces postsynaptic inhibition of the relay cells purchase super p-force oral jelly without prescription impotence with antihypertensives. Morphine and other opiate analgesics (pain killers) act in the same way as endorphins to relieve pain purchase super p-force oral jelly 160 mg without prescription erectile dysfunction treatment in kuwait. The interneurons of the dorsal horn may also be involved in a different type of pain inhibition. It has long been known that skin rubbing relieves the dull/hurtful pain sensation originating from that or a nearby area. Rubbing activates the large, fast-conducting tactile fibers (type A-alpha) while pain is conveyed by C fibers. In the dorsal horn, branches of touch fibers activate inhibitory interneurons, which in turn inhibit the synaptic transmission of pain signals. Presumably, the more powerful tactile signals limit the transmission gates in the dorsal horn to their own, suppressing and excluding access for the weaker pain signal. The gate theory of afferent inhibition as well as central inhibition of pain by way of endorphins may have implications for the phenomenon of acupuncture analgesia. The afferent pain fibers originating from the same area show extensive convergence onto 375 the dorsal horn relay cells. In certain cases, the convergence may take place by fibers from different areas, causing the relay cell to be activated by pain originating in different body parts. For example, pain originating in the heart is often felt as coming from the inner aspects of the left arm. In the past, the peripheral segment of the nerve fiber bringing sensory signals toward the cell body was called the dendrite and the centrally directed segment, the axon. The remaining fiber segments of the sensory neuron all show the structural and functional properties of an axon. A primary sensory neuron, its fibers and all the peripheral end branchings, and the synaptic central terminals constitute a sensory unit. The area of the skin (or any other body part) served by a sensory unit is called the receptive field of that unit. Because the peripheral branchings of sensory fibers have a radial orientation, the receptive fields of the sensory units have a circular shape. When the peripheral end branches of two neighboring sensory units are far apart, the stimuli impinging on the receptive field of one unit will not activate the neighboring unit. If the branches of two neighboring units commonly innervate some areas of a target, the receptive fields will overlap. Overlapping receptive fields provide a basis for certain neural analysis and integration of the sensory input because the stimuli impinging on the receptive field of one unit will also elicit impulses in the neighboring units, albeit to different degrees. The fingertips, the lips, the genitalia, and the tongue tip are the most sensitive areas. The tactile sensory skills may be divided into two categories, intensity discrimination and spatial discrimination. To test intensity discrimination, a pointed probe is pushed gradually onto the skin surface until the subject reports sensing it. The tongue tip is the most sensitive body area in this regard, followed by the fingertips, in which a mere 6 micron dip can be detected. In the palms, the threshold is four times higher; on the back of the hands, trunk, and legs, it is ten to twenty times higher. Therefore, the highest tactile sensitivities are associated with such body parts as the fingertips and tip of the tongue, which are actively used to sample and investigate the environment. The neural basis of differential tactile sensitivity lies in the number of sensory branches and sensory units per unit area of the skin. Therefore, stimuli of similar strength (causing the same amount of skin indentation) will activate more sensory fibers or units on the fingertip than on the back. This is assessed by the two-point discriminiation test in which the tips of caliper arms are placed on the skin and the distance between them is reduced until the subject reports sensing only one point. This minimum distance is an index of spatial discrimination: the less the distance, the higher the discrimination. This minimum separable distance is narrowest in the fingertips (1-2 mm) and widest in the back (up to 70 mm). In the fingertips, the receptive fields are small and the degree of overlap high; the opposite is true for the back or legs. Therefore, in the fingertips, even two closely applied stimuli are likely to activate two different sensory units as one point impinges on the receptive field of one unit while the second point impinges on another. So long as the central neuron receives messages from two separate units, the two points can be discriminated from each other. If both point stimuli fall in the receptive field of one unit, only one point will be deciphered. The high receptive field overlap in the fingertips also permits other discriminative abilities. For example, if a tactile stimulus impinges on the receptive field center of one unit, it activates that unit maximally. But due to receptive field overlap, the same stimulus activates the receptive field periphery of the neighboring unit. The differential rate of activity between the two neighboring units forms the basis of lateral inhibition (discussed in the bottom diagram on this plate), a phenomenon serving to sharpen contrast and enhance discrimination. This is particularly problematic because all sensory nerve fibers communicate with the brain using the same language, that of nerve impulses. To answer, we consider here the functional segregation of somatic sensory modalities and the channeling of sensory signals along the various pathways and synaptic stations of the spinal cord and brain. If we dissect a single nerve fiber from the thousands found in a sensory nerve and record its activity, we find that the largest increase in its activity occurs when a particular type of stimulus is applied. If we were to stimulate that fiber electrically the subject would probably report only the sensation associated with that particular type of stimulus. The generalization that the fibers of a sensory nerve each conduct signals concerning only one type of sensory modality (presumably because it is connected to only one particular type of receptor) has been named the "doctrine of specific nerve energies. Generally, crude tactile, pain (nociceptive), and temperature (thermal) signals are conveyed by unmyelinated, small-diameter fibers (type C). The cell bodies of these fibers are small, and their central terminals in the spinal cord release peptide transmitters (e. Signals relaying fine touch and pressure as well as proprioceptive modalities (from joints and muscles) are carried by fast-conducting, large, myelinated fibers (type A) having large cell bodies. Upon entry to the spinal cord, the various sensory fibers become segregated into two categories. Thin fibers carrying pain, temperature, and crude tactile sensations, collectively referred to as the nondiscriminative modalities, terminate in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord, where they synapse with the secondary relay cells, the fibers of which decussate (cross over) and enter the white matter to ascend in the spinothalamic pathways toward the brain. This pathway has two clear divisions: the pain and temperature modalities are segregated in a lateral division, and the crude tactile fibers are bundled in an anterior (ventral) division.