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Therefore prazosin 1 mg on line cholesterol in shrimp feed, mater can be thought of as “transformed” electromagnetc energy of non-biological mater into biological mater cheap prazosin online american express cholesterol ratio diabetes. Chemical analyses of the content indicated the presence of many essental amino acids and many other biological compounds (111 2mg prazosin cholesterol lowering foods vegetarian diet. This additonal theory has prompted additonal consideratons concerning the general background 152 153 of circulaton of energy. In these studies the fundamental questons of progression of mater appear to us as partcles (i. Another characteristc of mater which has its correspondence in biological mater is the development (proliferaton) of various compounds All mater will, afer the phases of Proliferaton, enter the phases of Regression, returning to its which, later on, proceed with regression (decay). Biological mater tends to proliferate and Proliferaton (P) and Regression (R) form a balanced circulaton where P+R=-0. In principle there is no diference between circulaton of non-biological and biological mater, The energy associated with mater and electromagnetc felds is difcult to defne in spite of being except for the intensity and speed of circulaton giving qualitatve diferences, subtle structural a fundamental concept in physics. It is partly so because energy appears to us in many diferent, variatons and diferences of functon. The circulaton is a result of the thermodynamic constraints involving conservaton of form, oxygen. These events are understandable, but the common background denominator is difcult to defne. Various forms of energy can also interact, leading to what may be called chemical or physico-chemical reactons. The various forms of energies circulate within the general energy feld of the universe. A materialized Closed circuit conductve systems for ionic transport were frst identfed in blood plasma, correlaton between “Empty Space” and Mater was described by Einstein who stated that there intercellular fuid, lymphatc fuid with conductve propertes about equal to physiologic saline can be no space or any part of space without gravitaton. These elements functon like electric cables due to the relatve insulatng propertes of “Empty Space” represents also an atempt to materialize a transitonal phase which may also be walls of vessels, cellular membranes, ductal walls, fbrous materials e. Newton 1121 tried to give it a descriptve functonal defniton and talked the conductve media. From this defniton, there is stll a large gap in our ability to defne a Common Guiding Principle Various closed circuit systems of vessels, intersttal spaces, lymphatc channels, nerve-conductng of metaphysical, ontological transformatons of the general energy feld, which should enclose all channels, glandular ducts etc make extensions of these closed circuit channels connectng all the physical and theological concepts ( 13. The actvaton of the closed circuits can take place as an efect of moving (circulatng) external or 6. The circuits are driven by metabolism causing voltage gradients by the actons of nutrients and metabolites. This (Biologically Closed Electric Circuits) drives the process of healing- and tssue regeneraton by slowly fuctuatng and atenuatng the The origin of physical enttes involves energy of various forms. Organs therefore leak blood vessels nerves ducts and synaptc vesicles can be explained in neuro-conducton processes. The body contains conglomerates of communicatng leaking) cell and organ capacitors. In fact, the entre body appears to be a leaking capacitor surrounded by relatvely insulatng skin. An important mechanism is represented by the fow of ions in blood vessels, lymph channels and intersttal tssue spaces 1121 producing electromagnetc felds which penetrate the cellular membranes and induce eddy currents inside the cells (Fig. Ions fowing in intersttal spaces between cells will induce eddy currents inside the cells in the conductve cytoplasm also in the ionic channels of the cellular membrane are closed. Membrane channels which promote the fow of electrons via redox protein chains imbedded into the cellular membrane. So, in fact, these are short pathways involving the fow of electronic 156 157 (electrons). The fow of ionic electricity is initated by a tssue polarizaton (metabolic or injury) with the fow of ions in the intersttal channels. Squamous cell carcinoma with central spontaneous necrosis gives injury polarizaton between cancer and surrounding tssue. The enormous variability of ions and their interactons lead to rapid “potentated” diferentaton of morphology and functon. For such reasons, the most logical form of energy to use for infuencing biological systems should be the basic form of energy for all biological structuring and functon Ionic electricity. Other references (36-49) as well as the presentatons by Xin Yu-Ling, 31 of his Chinese colleagues, 11 Swedish. Following depolarizaton, this actvity leads to ionic in the European Journal of Surgery, Supply). The cow is atracted to the feld of green The transformaton of current in electrical systems is possible by leading current in insulated cables (coils) through a primary circuit which is positoned close to a secondary circuit with similar insulated cables (coils). Kirlian photography showing the electrical felds outside fnger tps of a boy and a girl embracing. We do not need to bother about ionic conducton in the narrow highly resistve axons. One electrode was placed in the abdominal aorta and one in actvate salivaton, bile secreton etc and the cow may start to walk towards the feld. The described antenna functon of the tail has many physiological functons in animals besides being organs for keeping the balance. Self-cleaning Animals The cat is also a good example of how the fur-carrying animals may keep their fur clean. It is thereby possible to understand that persons in -irritaton-itching, headache, etc. During the last years electrical energy has been transferred in one directon via one cable immersed in salt-water and the return fow of electricity via the salt- water. This technique requires large electrodes in the salt-water close to the shores, which leads to the producton of large amounts of chlorine in the water. One central artery and two lateral veins are parts of return fow of electricity take place via a second parallel cable. The rat was shielded in a grounded iron box with 1-5 mm thick walls except for the tail. The electrodes were A way to avoid these drawbacks is possible by using a coaxial cable which allows the fow of current connected to a shielded Grass recorder. A hand of the examiner was moved (with its corona) in one directon in a central wire and the return fow of current in a tube-like conductor peripheral crosswise and 3 cm above the unshielded tail. Large (4 mV) potental diferences were recorded to the insulated central conductor. To further explain the changes in the flter paper the various frequencies wave-lengths and amplitudes. An extension of the previous experiment was made and the recordings are illustrated in Fig. Almost all electrical circuits can The negatve voltage reaches a zero in the blue-red interphase zone. Therefore, generally speaking, all circuits are provided with a switch, an important practcal component in electrical circuits.

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Thus the power of the word has dramatic effects in enhancing organization in consciousness buy online prazosin cholesterol levels medline. The sixth is the brow chakras buy prazosin 2 mg on-line cholesterol lowering foods natural news, in which the relationship of the biophoton reaches its highest zenith cheap prazosin 1mg without a prescription cholesterol ratio singapore. Here we can see that the photon, which is the communicator of Mitogenic radiation, is highly important throughout the universe, and that this light form also resists entropy and yields towards quantum control. This results in a biological photon detector known as the eye; and other electromagnetic detectors, which Throughout sports history we have seen certain sports fgures who, in the face of all odds, seem to be able go to the point of measuring gravity changes, magnetic relationships, capacitance, and other electronic to control the ball, puck, or whatever. This is another example of the consciousness principle, and how the subtle The last is the crown chakras, which results in an organizational structural entity that unites all the indenter minacious of a hockey or tennis game can be infuenced by a strong-willed, highly developed other energy vortices. This produces the highest degree of resistance to entropy and development of consciousness. Many sports fgures talk about that transcendent time when they "become one" with consciousness. This control of the indeterminacy principle, which we call consciousness, also can be utilized in many different forms. The frst chakras is a type of consciousness in which the person is trying to survive by getting I. Since there is a measurable entity, and the consciousness can be increased in its effect against entropy and disorganization, we see that two people with focused minds can have a greater effect than one, and that there will be a certain amount of energy evolved from even a group as small as seven thousand, who can get together, refne and focus their consciousness, and have a great effect on the conditions of the world. This is what happened in the transcendental meditation movement, in which the Maharishi trained many people in Iowa of consciousness attainment, and then at periodic times would have them get together in a group, to produce a highly productive conscious state that could infuence the indeterminacy of other factors throughout the world. This subtle infuence could produce a high degree of organization and control, resulting in some rather profound changes in our society including the fall of the Berlin Wall and many other factors. Thus consciousness, which resists this type of disease structure, will develop into a new refned form of medicine. Conscious vibrational medicine will also have profound effects in helping patients to overcome a variety of entropic diseases. The Trivector Signature of Human Beings as a Basis of Psychic Communicaton Researcher: William Charles Nelson. This study is done at Youngstown University and published in the Graduate journal June 1974. One of the pair was put into a dark room in a building in Youngstown State University. A stroboscope and a siren was placed into the dark room next to the ears and eyes of the person. This would provide a startle to the system, a threat to the system that, although safe, would be interpreted by the patient as possibly life-threatening. This would produce a hormonal and nerval reaction and would it would be discernible by their friend. The other person in the group was placed in a separate building at Youngstown state campus. The separate building was needed to make sure that there was no electrical artifact in the electric measures that could be detected. This person was hooked up to a polygraph device capable of measuring the brainwave, the heart rate, and the galvanic skin response. During the two hour plus session the person hooked to the polygraph was to make verbal guesses as to when they thought their friend was being subjected to the evoked potential shock. At the end of the article we will show that the verbal guesses were less than chance. However, there was always an electrophysiological voltammetric plus resistance reaction that could be discerned. It was seen to be isolated from verbal, conscious pathways and was more of an unconscious bioelectronic signal. Within the concepts of this book we have expounded on how mass, vibration, and all forces of the universe have a constant blend. Biology had the twenty-three chromosomes to produce the full chakras and the high degree of mental ability to intuit and understand this process. Thus biology had the solution for the unifed feld theory in its twenty-three chromosomes that allowed it to develop the intellectual consciousness to start the understanding process needed to develop this unifed feld theory. Consciousness medicine will also have very spiritual ramifcations, in that people will need to understand the spirituality of the grand consciousness of the universe, which many cultures call God, in order to focus the consciousness development in themselves. Whenever any one entity or small group thinks that it is God, and tries to control things itself, this is the grand sin, and will produce drastic repercussions. This is what happens in the chemical companies when they make synthetic pharmaceuticals; they try to act as if they are God to produce things compatible with the human system. We will see that every natural vitamin, chemical, and herb has its consciousness as well, because it came from an entropy- resistant organism that had a degree of consciousness. Inside the test tube these synthetic chemicals do not have that degree of consciousness; thus they are incompatible with the human body. For some therapist to think that he is God is also a mistake, because the consciousness power of the universe is phenomenally overwhelming in comparison to the consciousness of any one man or small group. Only through humility can we truly develop the highest degree of rapport, and focus this in the system. In this book we have shown that the electromagnetic radiation has six vector components; three that are refected in the electromagnetic and static dimensions and three that are scalar or virtual, in that they are hidden from our normal perception. There are four dimensions of length, width, height and time, and six other virtual dimensions of time and space, which make up the entire universe. We would also like to mention in this book the defnition of consciousness, the inert ability of matter to ascend away from thermodynamic entropy and breakdown into an organized system. As consciousness develops it resists against thermodynamic breakdown and starts to control indeterminacy. Controlled indeterminacy can be achieved through the development of consciousness. In developing a consciousness medicine we must look at ways that one conscious human system can affect the subtle electron, photon, proton, ion and other energies of another system; and affect the indeterminate action, thus having subtle ways of improving the health of another human being. It must be pointed out that these techniques are usually not magnifcent and grand, but are usually very subtle, hard to measure, and hard to replicate. In many religions meditation is used to focus the mind internally to maximize consciousness. Meditation systems often use awareness channels by minimizing them and reducing external control, and maximizing them, focusing on external events (such as the walking meditations of Eastern schools). Some common denominators in these systems involve non-judgmental awareness cultivated through systems of love, compassion, introspection, and art. Often these systems also utilize body exercises such as dance, martial arts and the like to help affect the system towards a higher degree of consciousness. It is not the purpose of this book to go into intricate detail on developing these systems. That will be left to another book at a later date, when we can go into systems of consciousness building and how they apply in medicine and self-growth.

Too big a dose can increase the energy and recovery speed purchase prazosin 1 mg cholesterol synthesis chart, but it carries a higher risk of adrenal crash as the body can be compromised cheap 2mg prazosin visa cholesterol test quiz. Multiple crashes over time are a sign of poor recovery and should be avoided at all cost cheap prazosin 2mg with amex cholesterol keto. Its use should therefore be reserved for emergency situations such as crashes rather than used on a routine basis in the day-to- day normal recovery process. Identifying such nutrients and saving it for a rainy day is a sign of clinical excellence. As part of the adrenal crash management toolbox, these nutrients are deployed once an unavoidable crash happens. Failure to consider all the above factors is a common reason why most recovery programs fail. What is commonly forgotten is that Adrenal Fatigue, if left to itself, progresses negatively with aging. Invariably, crashes will resurface again with time, and fatigue will advance if the previous healing process is incomplete. Those who tend to ignore the importance of recovery management during early stages usually become overly confident in self-management from previous successful efforts. This is compounded by the fact that the majority of conventional physicians are of little help. The tendency is then to continue to self-navigate using the same concept that worked before. This usually involves rest, use of stimulatory compounds, and medications to suppress symptoms. Sad to say that this strategy often backfires in those with advanced Adrenal Fatigue. Proper recovery management is far more complicated than what meets the eye, especially for those in advance Adrenal Fatigue. The weaker the adrenal function, the more critical proper recovery management becomes. Patience is also required as many challenges, trials and errors are inevitable even in the best of hands. Simple Food for a Simple Body A body in severe down-regulation during adrenal crash is only interested in basic energy input that it can use effectively without expending a lot of energy to get it. Since energy comes from food, this means that the food we take in must be easy to digest, assimilate, bought into the cell, and convert into energy quickly without a lot of energy expenditure. That is all baby requires at that point when the gastric intestinal tract has yet to be fully developed. Any attempt to give solid or whole food, or even worse, processed food, to a baby too soon will lead to vomiting and indigestion. The body will reject food, even thought it is nutritious, if it is before its time. In advanced Adrenal Fatigue or during adrenal crashes, the body is returning to a simple state. The weaker the adrenals, the less the body is able to tolerate complex and processed foods as it simply does not have the energy to divest to break down these complex foods. Wheat, gluten, and diary products are particularly problematic as these are more difficult to digest. Increasing bowl irritation (with symptoms such as constipation or diarrhea), bloating, delayed food sensitivity, and gas are signs that the gastro intestinal tract is compromised and the body taxed. Those with advanced Adrenal Fatigue therefore will often find it necessary to reduce the complexity of food intake. Those with extreme Adrenal Fatigue need nutrition at the most basic level-rich in nutrient and easy to digest. Some can only take a few teaspoons at a time and need significant rest in between. Simple Nutrients for a Simple Body As the body returns to simplicity during a crash, nutritional supplementation considerations also need adjustment to the most basic kinds and those that are most bioavailable at the cellular level. Complex nutrients are of little use when the body is unable to break it down into proper components for proper absorption and cellular delivery. Glandular can also be problematic due to intrinsic low clearance of the body that usually comes with advance adrenal weakness. Many advanced Adrenal Fatigue sufferers are taking a basket of nutritional supplements to sustain their energy level. Unless properly titrated, unmonitored intake of complex or stimulatory compounds to enhance energy flow usually ends badly. This becomes worse when a nutrient that has positive effect early on can turn negative as Adrenal Fatigue worsens. After reaching maximum stimulatory levels, it is usually only a matter of time before the body crashes. A weak body has limited energy to digest nutrient and thus is not able to garner the beneficial effect of the supplement as a result of poor absorption. Furthermore, energy used to digest supplements can further drain the body of its already low reserve if too many supplements are taken in a day. More nutrients at a time when the body is crashing or down-regulating are therefore not necessarily better. A personalized nutrient program is necessary, using only a few nutrients most needed by the body. These have to be absorbed through the gastro-intestinal tract in a most energy neutral manner, and made bio-available to each cell in the most efficient manner. Only the most basic nutrient most needed by the body should be used when the body is vulnerable. Abrupt cessation should be avoided and care must be taken to avoid any rebound or withdrawal effect. In addition to selecting the right supplement, micronutrient delivery to the cell is also a key factor. Use various forms of the same nutrients to affect maximum bioavailability because each form has its own unique characteristic in terms of potency, half-life, absorption, and breakdown curve. A custom blend and mixture using various forms can have potent synergistic effects well above any single form of the nutrient. A normal body has plenty of reserve to take in complex and processed food without difficulty. This requires simple food and simple nutrients delivered properly for maximum benefit. Fortunately, if one takes proper action using natural compounds and proper nutrition the adrenal crash is not permanent. As the Adrenal Fatigue heals and health improves, other foods can once again be ingested, normal stress tolerated, and normal life activities can resume. Having looked at the entire recovery management process as a whole, we now turn to specific areas where special attention is required. Stabilization / Plateau Period Many are discouraged when there is no immediate restoration of energy level after a crash and become impatient.

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